Monday, 29 September 2014

30's - too proud to bread?

Things have been a bit quiet around theses parts and here's why. I'm a couple of years into my thirties and have slowly had to acknowledge that my old body is dead - for lack of a less dire way to put it.
I know that blaming carbs, and by extension bread, on weight gain is so obvious to the point of being passé but I'm not just talking about weight gain. No, I'm talking about the re-composition of my body. A round belly that has just appeared out of nowhere being the prime indicator of how things are now.
Where I live bread is not seen as the enemy that it is in other parts of the world and is consumed in at least two of the typical three meals a day. This made my attempts to break-up with my loaver so much more difficult.
I hate the idea of gaining weight as well as ageing but one of those things is unavoidable so I tried to tackle the other.
I hired a personal trainer, only ate the most basic, rustic bread that I could get my hands on, and stopped eating bread with dinner.
It worked for a limited amount of time but I couldn't keep it up. I lost weight, felt more in control as well as relief that I didn't let myself go completely. Needless to say, as this was not sustainable I found myself gaining back some (not all) of the weight that I'd lost when I found my way back to bread.
The great lame love story of my life refuses to die. And so it shouldn't. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die are wise words that I'm co-opting here to further convince myself that there is no room for vanity when even one of life's pleasures need be foregone to maintain it.
So with that being said, I look forward to a continued relationship with bread. Too proud to bread? Ultimately no and never shall I be.

The BreadLoaver

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Bread longing...

I'm taking care of myself starting with a focus on eating right, getting the nutrients that I need - iron, fibre, protein, omega fatty acids... what have you.
So bread, the common enemy of many a dieter, heck, many a woman's bum and thighs; is somewhat off the menu for a while.
Now I have not gone cold turkey and never will. There is always a time and place for a crusty bit of bread, cheese, and some dry ham. What I am doing is eating bread less passively; which can only be a good thing right? Before I'd always have bread with dinner, even if it made no sense and left me feeling stuffed.
However, it seems only to be when you've sworn off of something that it is suddenly everywhere and seemingly irresistible.
The morning commute after you've left the safety of your house where you've been well-behaved and had a "good" breakfast, you pass a kiosk with all that produce on display and smelling deliciously just out of the oven. The once weekly shop has been deconstructed into three or four throughout the week in order to buy fresher ingredients and motivate eating well; the down-side is that you're even more exposed to those gorgeous scents coming from the bakery section.
Whatever doesn't kill you (or turns you into only a crying shaking mess) only  makes you stronger so let's give it a go.

The Bread Loaver