Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Bouncy Brown Bread

A long weekend in Paris meant the opportunity to skip down the aisle of a local Franprix to stock up on food; glorious food.
I stumbled upon a multi-grain bread mix which surprisingly had instructions in English. Home made bread is so simple that I've stopped buying it pre-baked and opt for as close to hand made as possible. 
Admittedly I cheated a bit as the mix only needed some grams of dry yeast and warm water before dropping it in the mixer to wrestle with the dough hook. 
Making this bread could not have been easier and the result was a perfectly bouncy loaf. I've put together some pictures of the bread-making at various stages and in no particular order. I loved the look and feel of it from when it was wet all the way to the final baked result.
Just a few more months until another trip to France! 

The Bread Loaver

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